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An important role of the ACS President is to advocate for the chemical sciences.  Through the years, Angela has been a strong advocate for science, and is well-prepared for this role.


Angela has met with U.S. Representatives and Senators, as well as legislative staff members on multiple occasions for discussions on topics including: 


  • Impact of investments in science on the U.S. economy

  • Support of NSF and other funding agencies for fundamental science

  • Next-generation computing for scientific research

  • STEM education and the future STEM workforce

  • Support of user-instrumentation at DOE laboratories 

  • Emerging contaminants

  • Sustainability



Interactions with state legislators is also a part of Angela's experience.  Even since arriving to Michigan in 2018, she has participated in:


  • State of Michigan Legislative Leadership Program,  a program designed for and largely attended by most of the new state legislators. This provided opportunities to network with legislators, and learn more about the state budgets, budgetary decision making, demographic trends, legislative priorities, and other topics.  

  • State capitol visits of legislators and state agency directors, advocating for the support of STEM research, facilities, and development priorities at her university, and encouraging partnerships.  


Invited commentary about the government shutdown of 2019 and its impact on science:

“Science Gets Shut Down Right Along with the Federal Government”, Angela K. Wilson, The Conversation.  Story link on CBS National News website, and interviews by CBS News Radio (KCBS, San Francisco)


Angela was a part of an MSU team to meet legislators and legislative staff members in Washington DC in February 2020.  Pictured is the MSU team with Rep, Elisa Slotkin (MI).


MSU team (including Angela) during their February 2020 visit to the Hill.

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